The office announced Peterson’s arrest along with the termination of BSO sergeant Brian Miller. It said both officers had "neglected their duties" in the deadly shooting.

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Family Believes Zoloft made their family member murder Grandparents

the nation's gun show

How Australias Gun Ban on all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns worked out in 1996/1997

Antidepressants have been linked to 28 reports of murder and 32 cases of murderous thoughts, in cases referred to the UK medicines regulator over the past 30 years, a BBC investigation has discovered.

 KARMA ALLEN, Good Morning America

The Telegraph
 Sarah Knapton, science editor
26 JULY 2017 • 12:39AM

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"Huge" drop in firearms sales predicted was not accurate! Firearms Background Checks

remain consistently high through 2018