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September 28, 29 & 30, 2018 at the

 NRA National Firearms Museum Display

NRA National Firearms Museum

​​​​NRA National Firearms Museum

Remembering the Fallen

Seventeen years ago, on a crisp fall morning, Americans watched as two aircrafts under the control of terrorists crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

The city’s law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies were there immediately, helping survivors out of the impact zones and trying to rescue many, many others still trapped in the collapsing structures.

The museum’s exhibit specifically honors two NYPD men who gave their lives that day and whose service firearms were recovered from the rubble of Ground Zero, from the ashes of the World Trade Center.

Police Officers Walter Weaver and John D’Allara were coworkers and friends, both veterans of many years with the New York City Police Department.  Seventy-one law enforcement officers, 343 members of the New York City  Fire Department, and over 2,800 civilians were killed on September 11, 2001.

The National Firearm Museum is honored to display the Smith & Wesson revolver that was Officer Walter Weaver’s backup gun and for the first time, we will exhibit the Smith & Wesson pistol that was Officer John D’Allara’s sidearm, now on loan from his family.  Together these two handguns, like the officers that carried them, reflect that September day when America saw incredible sacrifices.

NRA’s National Firearms Museum is located in Fairfax, VA at 11250 Waples Mill Road, just off Rt. 66 at exit 57-A.  Our galleries are open daily, free of charge (donations gratefully accepted) and each

weekday (Monday – Friday) at 1pm a special curator-led tour is offered.  For more information, check out the museum’s website at, call (703) 267-1600, or e-mail 

The twin towers of the World Trade Center

​on September 11, 2001


6 Miles From the Nation's Gun Show

NRA National Firearms Museum

11250 Waples Mill Rd

Fairfax, VA22030